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So recently, Dr.Young sent me 3 products for me to try and see how it works for me! And I'm so glad to say I'm so pleased with the results the 3 products claim to deliver! Read on to find out more!



I love love love this! Instantly added this into my holy grail skincare mask and it's because it is so moisturising, just like it promises to be! I had a dry patch around my lips area so I went to bed with the AQUAHOLIC SLEEPING MASK evenly spammed (yes!!!) on my entire face. Woke up to glowing and nourished skin the next morning. MUST HAVE for me, definitely! I usually use it 2 times a week or on days I feel my skin's more tensed/stressed up.


Second product, the 2P BLEMISH BASE BB CREAM with SPF33 PA++:

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of BB creams as those I've tried are usually too oily for my combination skin. So I tend to avoid them in my makeup routine.
However, after taking the huge step in trying Dr.Young's 2P Blemish Base BB Cream, I'm starting to love it!
After applying one thin layer over my entire face, my dark eye circles and blemishes are lightened! Grab a concealer to conceal the rest of your flaws and set on some loose powder and I swear you're ready to beat the sun!
2 obvious blemishes are covered just by one thin layer of BB cream! #nofilter

Simply made for a lazy bum like me hehe. This 2 in 1 makeup remover and cleansing gel is a life saviour. On nights I just want to head to bed straight without the hassle of removing my makeup, I find myself turning to this product.
I can simply just get some of this product on my face and rub and rub all my makeup away, even my mascara! Gently rub till you have no makeup residue on your face and after rinsing off with water, you'll find that your face is not tight/oily and voila!! It feels like you already cleansed your face! Double cleanse if you feel that you've a really oily or clogged skin that day!
Vanessa @polkadope
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