Top 4 most-loved

We really have tons of Best Sellers - but we are going to narrow down to these 4 MOST LOVED by our shoppers! 

#1 : Complete Color Cushion SPF50+ PA++

This is not any surprise, definitely. We collected feedbacks about this product and many told us that it does what it's supposed to do - covering dark spots/redness/blemishes on the face. It is a color corrector, namely CC which has slightly lighter coverage than BB (which has lighter coverage than a regular foundation). Dap on the cushion just once and pat it around your face for an even spread. Dap a few more times for touch up and you're done! The finishing gives off a dewy look on your face - because Koreans love how bright and glowy they look like. If you want a little less of that, simply apply loose powder after the application of CC Cushion. Simple!


 #2 Pore Eraser Balm

One of our Customer-Choice set goes to the Pore Eraser Balm and the CC Cushion (#1)! It is no doubt our team's favourite too. This primer allows you to have a flawless look as it covers up prominent pores appearance on your face and made application of makeup so much easier! Pore Eraser Balm goes well with our BB Creams series too! Perfect!

#3 AC Out Spot Stop Serum

We purposely name it the "Spot Stop Serum" to match with "S.O.S". Why? Because this product is basically what a "S.O.S" is supposed to work! Sudden breakouts? Pimples? Acnes? "Ahhh~ SOS!!!" Yes, that's what an individual may unconciously call out for. Thus, the AC Out Spot Stop Serum is being quietly summoned out to attack those nasty problems on your face. Squeeze out a small drop of the gel and apply on affected areas. The gel will create a protective layer over the nasty little thing and beneath it is where the "magic" happens - more nutrition and soothing effect plus consistent application allows them to "disappear" in no time. 


#4 Bamboo Blooming Booster

Consisting of Bamboo Sap Water (good stuff), it restores skin luster and vitality while relieving irritated skni and further revitalize your face. Sounds pretty zen to us. Anyway we've a special tip: Apply the Bamboo Blooming Booster BEFORE your makeup. The team and few regular customers tried and tested - it's awesome. The makeup application got so much smoother, easier, and somewhat, it looks flawless. We're not kidding. Try it maybe? 

Dr. Young SG Team
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