Here's the old website, if you may have forgotten about it.


And this is the new webstore after months of planning, organizing and a makeover.


 The new webstore is very much needed in order for us to better serve our shoppers. We have to ensure a better shopping experience for you dear shoppers - from shopping to consulting for your skin condition like one will always do in retail stores. So here's the few new features we've (and upcoming) for the webstore! 


Consultation page – for your current skin condition. Besides the common Dry, Oily, Combination section, we added the general skin condition certain types of age group faced. But of course, if you faced a certain issue but it doesn’t match with your age, don’t get worked up! Remember, every one’s skin is different!

Check out our Eventspage. We don’t usually send unnecessary emails but when we do, it just so happened that so many events are clustered in a short period that it seems like we’re spamming your inbox. Thus, the creation of this page where we will constantly update what’s new, what’s not. Well of course, newsletters are still the best.

We love this tiny section! It showcases random customers/bloggers about their views on a certain product! Good thing must share, so we decided this should be here!
If you want to catch your face here too, simply #DrYoungReviews and we will do the job!

Everyone’s favourite – Promotions. If you have shopped at our old webstore before, we have a section whereby certain selected products are on promotion. It has got to be on the new webstore too! It spells, convenience.

Last but not least. If you have ANY questions about Dr. Young products or events, you can send us a contact form, or email us! We will answer them all as soon as we can! 

That’s about all!

Welcome to the new webstore, and off you go to start your first shopping experience with us!

Dr. Young SG Team
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